Dr Jack Dunphy Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jack Dunphy

PhD, BA, DPsych, MAPS

Jack helps men, women, and adolescents overcome emotional, relationship, and psychological problems and lead happier and more rewarding lives. He has a warm, approachable and professional manner.

He has training and experience in a number of therapies including Cognitive Behaviour, Psychodynamic, Systemic Family, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.  Although the type of therapy used can be important, research shows that the most significant factor in successful therapy is you and how well you work with your particular therapist. He has taught counselling and psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology where he has also managed the College’s psychologist supervision and registration program. His doctoral research was in the area of male child sexual abuse and self-harm / suicidal behaviour as well as grief counselling. His post-graduate training focused on adolescents, general adult mental health, and bereavement. Previously he was psychologist and manager of Selah, a unique suicide prevention counselling clinic associated with St Vincent’s Private Hospital.



  • general counselling
  • mood and anxiety disorders
  • grief and loss
  • suicide prevention
  • sexual issues