Alison Linn Osteopath

Alison Linn

BSci (Hons) Ost Med, Cert Acup

Alison aims to adapt her treatment and management to the individual. She draws upon her experience and continuing professional development in approach to treatment.  She  understands and emphasises the importance of self help in the management of most conditions and takes great care in discussing the issues surrounding, and needs associated with, the reason for the consultation. Alison has had extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Musculoskeletal Disorders , which she can use as an adjunct to the Osteopathy as part of her care.  Alison is a keen sportswoman and actively competes in outrigging and dragon boating as well as maintaining interests in triathlon and yoga.


  • osteopathy
  • breathing disorders
  • voice projection
  • antenatal care
  • fitness