We TOTALLY value your feedback:

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 10:15
We TOTALLY value your feedback:

Over the past few months, over 200 feedback surveys from a (random) selection of RTH patients were completed. We thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. As a practice, we always welcome feedback and are committed to constantly improving the service we offer you! We were thrilled to to find that for the most part the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

There were a few areas that came up which we would like to address here.  

Waiting time:

While all efforts are taken to stay on time, sometimes Doctor’s run late for reasons beyond our control. You have told us you understand this but you would like to be notified when delays are to be expected.

We TOTALLY get this!

What we will do:

Reception staff will endeavour to phone patients when it becomes apparent that a doctor is running late.

Our GPs will try and notify reception if an appointment is looking like it will go significantly overtime. This will allow reception to communicate with patients in the waiting room to better manage expectations.

What you can do to help:

Please consider your needs when booking an appointment. If you have multiple or complex issues, would like a care plan, or think you may like more time, please book a long appointment. We only ever charge for the length of your actual consultation, so don't hesitate to allow more time just in case. This will ensure your appointment doesn’t run over for the next person and we can better manage the schedule. 

Script request fee:

Many of you love that you can request a repeat script or referral via the website. We provide this as a value-add service for your convenience, so you don’t have to make an appointment for these routine documents. Some patients have expressed they don't understand why they have to pay. The nominal fee we charge serves to subsidise only a portion of the time-cost involved in delivering this service which includes:

  1. Your doctor’s time: (These documents MUST be signed by the doctor)
    • Each time a doctor writes a script of referral we need to open up your file, review it and decide if it is safe and reasonable to provide the script of referral
    • We also look to see that you are not due/overdue for other scripts/reviews/screening in which case it is better for you to come and see us
    • This process takes time and our GPs get several requests per day. This contributes to the hours of unpaid work we do each week to make sure we are delivering excellent care to our patients
  2. Cost of maintaining the secure web form
  3. Cost of printing and stationery

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service for free. It would not be sustainable. 

Privacy systems

You felt confident that we keep your information private but indicated you don’t know specifically how we do this.

We take privacy of your information very seriously. Perhaps you don’t want to know the details and that’s TOTALLY fine, you can rest assured we are have systems in place to protect your information.

However, if you do want to know more, please refer to our privacy policy which is available for download on our website. We also have hard copies at reception if you wish to take one with you.

If you have any specific questions on any aspect of how we manage your information please speak to one of our team.

Thank you again for your feedback. We look forward to continuing to deliver the best TOTAL health service we can, for every body.