Dr Nicoletta Fisicaro - On Leave General Practitioner

Dr Nicoletta Fisicaro - On Leave

Currently on maternity leave.
After obtaining her medical qualifications from The University of Notre Dame in 2012, Dr Nikki spent her early career working at St George Hospital in Sydney with extra training in Critical Care Medicine. She obtained her Fellowship from the Royal Australian Collage of General Practitioners in early 2018. Dr Nikki enjoys treating a variety of patients from all age groups and all disease categories, however finds herself particularly drawn to preventative health and nutritional medicine. 
Treating food as medicine, Nikki is a doctor who firmly believes in prescribing diet and lifestyle changes before drugs. 
She specialises in weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, polycystic ovarian syndrome/infertility, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory conditions using evidenced based nutritional intervention and offers specialised appointments for these concerns (ask reception for more information).  Additionally, Dr Nikki has further qualifications and special interest in Sexual Health (including insertion and removal of contraceptive implants and care of unintended pregnancies), Mental Health, Travel Medicine and Sports Medicine.
Nikki’s ideal weekend involves exercising with her Hungarian Vizsla, preparing and enjoying delicious meals with family and friends and having some quiet time to work on one of her art projects. Nikki also has a degree in architecture - her other true passion! 


  • contraception
  • family medicine
  • lifestyle change
  • nutritional medicine
  • sexual health
  • skin cancer
  • minor procedures
  • preventative medicine
  • travel health
  • chronic disease
  • lifestyle modification
  • lifestyle coaching
  • diabetes
  • insulin resistance
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • weightloss
  • fitness