Dr Annie Marshall

Dr Annie Marshall


Dr Marshall graduated from the University of Sydney with Honours in 2004, and after her basic hospital training did a 6 month residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, during which time she attained her Diploma with the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Dr Marshall then moved to rural Western Australia where she undertook her General Practice training at a very busy rural practice, which included on-call obstetrics and hospital cover. During this time she completed a Diploma of Child Health through Princess Margret Hospital. She returned home to Sydney in 2010 and has continued working in General Practice while juggling life with three small children.

Dr Marshall is affiliated with the Royal Hospital for Women and RPA for the provision of antenatal shared care. While she has a keen interest in Women's Health and Paediatrics, she enjoys the diversity that general practice provides. Dr Marshall is experienced in inserting contraceptive devices including Mirena and Implanon.

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COVID Vaccination Update-  July 2021- Pfizer

Rozelle Total Health has been selected by the government to provide our patients and community with the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination. We will commence Pfizer vaccinations on 8 July 2021 in line with government regulations. 

The following people are now eligible for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine:

  • All adults aged 40-59
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 16 to 59
  • NDIS participants, and carers of NDIS participants, aged 16-39
  • Temporary visa holders aged under 50 years who are currently in Australia and have been approved for return travel to Australia through the travel exemption process
  • Quarantine and border workers under 60
  • Health care workers under 60
  • Aged care and disability care residents and staff under 60
  • People aged 16-59 with an underlying medical condition or significant disability
  • Critical and high risk workers aged 16-59 and over including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing.
  • Individuals under 60 with an Australian Border Force outwards travel exemption in an eligible category

Only the eligible patients will be offered the Pfizer vaccination. If you are over the age of 60 years you are advised to have the AstraZeneca vaccine as per ATAGI guidelines.  Your last chance to get your AZ vaccine at RTH is Sat 10 July, please book now to avoid disappointment.  You will be directed to a vaccine hub after this date.

All patients who have had a first dose of AZ should continue with the second dose of AZ as per ATAGI advice

Important Points

Please confirm your eligibility here before booking an appointment

  • Our appointment availability is limited by vaccine availability
  • There is no waiting list. All appointments will be made available online as stock is delivered each fortnight. Bookings can be made here
  • These appointments will run to a strict time schedule. Please bring your valid Medicare card and/or other form of ID to your appointment and wear appropriate loose fitting clothing to allow us to access your left shoulder in a group setting. You will be vaccinated in groups of 5 people and be required to wait 15 minutes post vaccination to watch for any adverse reactions.
  • You must book your second dose when you book your first. The interval for Pfizer is 3 weeks apart. You will automatically be directed to a date 3 weeks from your first dose appointment- please do not deviate from this. 
  • Your appointment is for the vaccination only. If you have any questions, concerns or are unsure if the vaccination is right for you, please call us on 02 9087 4600 or book an appointment via HotDoc with your regular GP on a day any time prior to your vaccination appointment. Please follow this link for up to date information about the vaccine. 
  • You will be required to complete a consent form. This will be sent to you via email from HotDoc once your appointments have been booked. You must complete this as soon as possible. You will not be vaccinated if this is incomplete. 

At this time we request you do not call reception in relation to booking appointments. All appointments will be made available online. You may need to check back at a later date as more appointments become available. Keep an eye on our website and like us on Facebook for updated information. 

We thank you for your patience whilst we manage and oversee this extensive and unprecedented immunisation roll out. 

Rozelle Total Health

We are now accepting online bookings for the COVID-19 vaccination via HotDoc. If you are eligible for Phase 1b of the rollout you can now book your appointment online here.  If you are unsure of your eligibility please use this eligibility checker before booking your appointment.
Please note: we have a very limited number of doses being supplied to us at this stage and appointments will only become available when stock is on hand. This will avoid last minute cancellations.  If you can not see any available apppointments when you try to book we suggest you try again weekly until you secure your dose.
We will be running early morning covax clinics fortnightly on a Thursday.  These are outside of usual hours so we can maintain social distancing and ensure routine patient care is not disrupted. Your second dose will be administered on a Saturday afternoon 12 weeks after your first. Please ensure you book this second appointment as your first dose appointment will not be confirmed until you have booked your second.  Once booked you will receive an email with important information about your visit and a link to your online consent form. You are required to complete this.
If you have any questions in relation to the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine please click here for up to date information or book a telehealth appointment with your GP to discuss further.

What causes abdominal bloating?

Contrary to what many people believe, bloating is not necessarily due to too much gas in the stomach. Researchers have performed studies on patients who feel bloated using CT scans, and shown that they often do not have any more gas in the belly than people who have no symptoms. Excessive gas production probably plays a part, but does not explain the whole picture.

We are pleased to advise that Rozelle Total Health has been approved to deliver COVID vaccinations to our community. The rollout will be staged as per the Dept of Health and we will be starting with the phase 1b.   

Please note - We have not yet received any vaccination stock!  

We are busy planning how best to deliver the vaccine to you safely and quickly so please do not phone us at this stage regarding vaccination. We will notify you as soon as we are ready to take bookings.

While you are waiting - we suggest you take the time to inform yourself about the vaccination, and check your eligibility,  so you are ready to act when the time comes. 

If you wish to discuss your personal circumstances, or need help deciding what is right for you, we recommend booking an appointment with your GP.

To stay up to date please visit us here on the website or follow us on facebook 


Am I eligible for stage 1b vaccination? (click).

Click here for more information about Covid vaccination.

RTH is keeping a close eye on the upcoming release of a COVID vaccine. The indications are that approval of a vaccine is fast approaching and will start to become available in the first half of 2021. 
RTH is committed to helping our community move beyond this pandemic and will do what we can to assist our patients in accessing the free COVID vaccine. We will keep you all informed as information comes to light 
The release of the vaccine will be completed in stages. The most vulnerable people will be vaccinated first. There will be guidelines which we will have to comply with. We continue to wait for further information from NSW Health. 
To receive updated information make sure you like us on Facebook. Please also share this message with anyone you know who might benefit from the information.
Thank you for continuing to help stop the spread

Dr Santosh Sanagapalli is a local Rozelle husband and father, consultant Gastroenterologist, and specialist in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. He enjoys providing holistic, empathetic and comprehensive care to patients with a wide variety of problems affecting the gastrointestinal tract. He has a particular focus on high quality endoscopy, reflux and disorders affecting swallowing, and the role of dietary therapies in managing digestive health. He prioritises good communication with his patients.

After graduating from UNSW, Santosh completed his training in internal medicine and gastroenterology at St Vincent’s and Concord Hospitals in Sydney. He undertook further sub specialised training in swallowing disorders at University College London Hospital, one of London’s largest and most prestigious referral hospitals. Upon his return to Sydney he was appointed staff specialist at St Vincent’s Hospital where he leads the oesophageal disorders service. 

He performs endoscopic procedures (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) across the St Vincent’s Healthcare campus in Darlinghurst (both private and public) and at the Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital.

Government changes to MBS funding for telehealth came into effect on 1 October 2020.

Rozelle Total Health continues to offer care to our patients both face to face and via telehealth.  We are pleased to offer this choice so patients may elect to access care in the mode that best suits their circumstances.  There are some clinical settings where a face to face appointment may be required to complete the assessment.  There may also be circumstances where we request you do not attend a face to face appointment (eg you or your GP may be infectious) and you will be offered a telehealth consult. 

We are pleased to advise that medicare rebates remain available for telehealth consultations provided the patient has been seen in person at the practice at least once in the preceding 12 months.  Private fees are applicable to all consultation and we are not able to offer routine bulk billing.  The government requirement to bulk bill certain patients due to COVID has been removed and the payments to GPs for doing so have ceased.

We are a privately billing practice and the fees remain the same for both face to face and telehealth consultations. Payment is required on the day of service.  Where you start with a telehealth consult but are required to attend for a face to face review on the same day - you will only be charged once.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with our service team.


Rozelle Total Health




Did you know?
Some changes have been made to patient eligibility for telehealth rebates.
The Government has stipulated that as of Monday 20 July, Medicare rebates for telehealth are only available if patients have been seen at the practice face to face at least once in the preceding 12 months.
To ensure our patients have a variety of options when choosing how to best access health care we will continue to offer both telehealth and face to face consultations. Medicare rebates are available for eligible patient appointments. If you are unsure about your eligibility for a rebate please phone our reception team to book.
If you have not been in in the past year you may still book a private telehealth appointment for your convenience (no rebate). You may elect to come and see us in person – this will make you eligible for telehealth for the next year.
Do not attend the clinic if you have a flu like illness - please call ahead to discuss your options if you develop symptoms prior to your appointment.
Please note that the COVID19 situation is rapidly changing and we need to respond in turn. Should the situation in NSW escalate we will need to revert back to telehealth across the board for all new appointments.
Now might be a good time to come in for that check up!

BIG CHANGES to prescriptions are taking effect in the coming weeks. Scripts will be delivered by ‘token’ to your email or mobile phone! Please make sure we have your TOTALLY up to date details here:


Charlotte is a local Mum who is focused on building long term, holistic relationships with her patients.

She always leads with kindness, is caring by nature and likes to ensure the best possible overall health and wellbeing outcomes for her patients.

Along with her experience in general practice Charlotte has an interest in  Women’s health (including antenatal shared care, contraception and Implanon insertion), paediatrics and dermatology (including skin checks and excisions). She has experience administering iron infusions.

Charlotte has a Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners

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