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Rozelle Total Health wants to ensure you have the latest news and updates about the COVID Vaccines. 

We understand there have been daily announcements from the Government in relation to the changing ATAGI advice and the current COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney and we want you to ensure you have a clear understanding of the current guidelines. (NB Federal eligibility may differ from NSW Health targeted initiatives and we as GPs are bound by the federal guidelines.)

The following dates mark the next phase of aged based eligibility for the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine, regardless of LGA and underlying conditions. 

  • From 30 August 2021 all people aged 16-59 will be eligible for the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine. 
  • From 13 September 2021 children aged 12 to 15 years will also be eligible. 


RTH will ensure we have enough doses set aside for our patients under 18 who do not have the option of an alternative vaccine at this stage. 

To ensure that everyone has a chance to get up to date and plan ahead- these appointments will be made available for online booking on Monday 30 August 2021 via our website. Please only call reception to book if you are struggling with the online booking system.  

You can find the full list of current eligibility here.

Please note if you do not meet the criteria for the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine you can access AstraZeneca. We must follow the government guidelines and will not deviate from this.

All persons aged 18 years and over are able to access the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine. You can now access this vaccine at pharmacies. The ATAGI advice has changed from a 12 week interval for the second dose to 4-8 weeks due to the current outbreak of COVID-19 within the community of Greater Sydney. If you have already had your first dose of AstraZeneca and are booked in for your second dose at the original interval of 12 weeks feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to adjust if you wish to do so.  

To keep up to date you can follow our Facebook page or refer to our website

If you have any further questions or concerns please book an appointment with your GP.

The team at Rozelle Total Health


Nancy has been a medical receptionist for 15 years. She is excited to work with the friendly team at RTH. She finds assisting patients to be extremely rewarding. She is family orientated, loves to cook and go for walks. 

Sienna is new to the team and to the industry. When she is not working she enjoys spending time with her family, going on long walks and learning new recipes to cook. 

Jacqueline is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and member of the Dietitians Australia (DA). She has extensive experience working with both individuals and groups. She is passionate about taking her clients on their nutrition and wellness journey, personalising their advice, and simplifying the evidence base to develop clear nutrition plans.

Through her training Jacqueline has had the opportunity to work with many clients to help prevent and manage chronic disease and has a passion for oncology, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, and empowering patients to achieve their weight loss goals. Most recently she has developed an interest in the role of nutrition and exercise and is aspiring to get her sports dietetics qualification.
Jacqueline has extensive experience in the nutritional management of oncology patients specialising in upper and lower gastrointestinal disease. Jacqueline has seen the impact a well-designed, tailored nutrition plan can have on symptom management and quality of life and is committed to continuing to share her knowledge in this space.

Jacqueline takes a food first approach, utilising mindful eating techniques and solution focused coaching in her consults. She enables clients to reach their health goals by identifying barriers to change and developing practical diet strategies that are achievable. Jacqueline has a strong interest in empowering her clients to build a healthy relationship with food to create sustainable dietary changes with long-lasting health impacts.
In her spare time, you will find Jacqueline either spending time with her family (and fur-babies) and friends or seeking out outdoor adventures. She enjoys exploring, finding hidden beaches, new hiking spots, a muddy trail to play with her mountain bike and most recently has taken to the oceans, completing her PADI diving course qualification. Jacqueline loves sharing a good meal with her friends and family and enjoys trying to recreate Master Chef recipes with her partner.

To book an appointment with Jacqueline please go to

The ATGAI have released new recommendations regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine. You can read their statement here

The recommendation states those under the age of 60 years are to receive the Pfizer vaccine. At this stage the government has not yet supplied us with Pfizer. You will be notified via email if this changes. We continue to administer AstraZeneca. 

We are in the process of contacting patients who are under 60 years who are booked in for their first dose of AstraZeneca. We will be cancelling these appointments as per the recommendation. 

Please note the ATGAI have stated if you have already received your first dose of AstraZeneca it is advised that you also receive your second dose unless you’ve had a severe reaction. 

We apologise for any inconvenience. 


Rozelle Total Health

As of 17th May 2021 we will be accepting bookings for Phase 2a of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out. If you are eligible for Phase 2a of the roll out you can now book your appointment online here.  If you are unsure of your eligibility please use this eligibility checker before booking your appointment. Please note we only have supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine. 
We continue to have limited number of doses being supplied to us and appointments will only become available when stock is on hand. This will avoid last minute cancellations.  If you can not see any available apppointments when you try to book we suggest you try again weekly until you secure your dose.
If you have any questions in relation to the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine please click here for up to date information or book a telehealth appointment with your GP to discuss further.

You will have heard that Australia has both the COVID vaccine and the Flu vaccine available at the same time. This is important for protecting ourselves and our community in 2021. The flu vaccine is not new and if you would like to read more on this year’s vaccine please check the information here

Our aim is to vaccinate as many patients as possible in the safest manner. We will only be able to vaccinate you when you are certain you are ready to have the Flu vaccine. If you are unsure or you have questions about the vaccine, please book an appointment to discuss this with your usual GP. If you are ready to book an appointment you can now do so online through HotDoc

The Federal Government provides Flu Vaccines at no cost to those who:

➢ Are aged between 6 months and 5 years, or 65 and older 

➢ All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 

➢ Pregnant women (at any stage) 

➢ Heart conditions 

➢ Chest or Lung conditions 

➢ Neurological symptoms 

➢ Diabetes type 1 and 2 

➢ Kidney disease 

➢ Long term aspirin treatment in children 6 months to 10 years of age  

If you are not eligible for the government funded flu vaccine private vaccines are available at a cost of $20.  

Thank you,

Rozelle Total Health

Rozelle Total Health has been selected by the government to provide our patients and community with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination.  

As of the 29th March, we will be a registered COVID-19 Vaccine clinic and we will commence vaccinations in line with government regulations.

Important points: 

  • We will commence COVID Vaccination clinics as of Wednesday 31st March 2021. 
  • The vaccination is free for patients with a valid Medicare card
  • The first priority group (1b) is patients 70 yrs and older, patients with chronic/serious health conditions, Health care workers not in phase 1a and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over 55 years old. 

Only these patients are eligible for the vaccination at this stage. Others will be notified and vaccinated at a later date. 

  • At this stage we will be receiving only 50 doses per week for Phase 1B. We expect this number to increase.  
  • Initially we will be contacting our 80 + year old and most vulnerable patients first to book an appointment for the vaccine. Please do not call the surgery inquiring about where you are on the list as we can assure you we will get to you in due course. There is no waiting list. 
  • These appointments will run to a strict time schedule. Please bring your valid Medicare card and/or other form of ID to your appointment and wear appropriate clothing to allow us to access your left shoulder in a group setting. You will be vaccinated in groups of 5 people and be required to wait 15 minutes post vaccination to watch for any adverse reactions. 
  • Your appointment is for the vaccination only. If you have any questions, concerns or are hesitant about the vaccination, please call us on 02 9087 4600 or book an appointment online via HotDoc with your regular GP on a day any time prior to your vaccination appointment. Please continue to educate yourself about the vaccine by reading  COVID-19 vaccination | healthdirect


At this time we request you do not call reception in relation to booking appointments. We will be accepting online bookings for the vaccine through HotDoc soon. Keep an eye on our website and like us on Facebook for updated information.


Your care is important to us and we are always striving to be of service to you. However, we do ask for your patience whilst we manage and oversee this extensive and unprecedented immunisation roll out. 

Thank you,

Rozelle Total Health

Jakkie is a compassionate, warm and dedicated Provisional Psychologist and registered Counsellor. She has extensive experience in working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, stress, emotion regulation issues, substance abuse, autism and developmental disorders, across the lifespan. 

Jakkie has a passion for working with and supporting children, adolescents and their families with communication, relationships, and functioning. She is also enthusiastic about working with couples to assist them in improving their relationship well-being.

Jakkie makes use of a number of therapeutic modalities and often uses them in combination to support each client’s unique needs. These modalities include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic Therapy and Art & Play Therapy. For couples, she uses Gottman’s 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work.

She completed her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at the University of Wollongong in 2013, Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advance at Monash University and a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Please phone 02 9252 1000 to book an appointment. 

Jessica is new to the team and to the industry. She has recently changed career paths from working for many years in hospitatlity. When she is not working she enjoys caring for her many house plants and snorkelling with fish. She loves a home cooked meal with a glass of wine. 

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