“I love a sunburnt country…” Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.  At Rozelle Total Health we offer skin examinations with dermatoscopy.  Our doctors aim to help you understand your risk of skin cancer and promote early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  People with pale or sun damaged skin, many moles, a family history of skin cancer or who are over 65 are more likely to develop skin cancers.  Biopsies, excisions and cryotherapy can be performed onsite by our doctors.  Referral to specialist Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons can be arranged for complex skin conditions or surgery.  


Team Members - Skin

Dr George Marshall

General Practitioner

George is a local, a husband, and a father, and appreciates the need to balance family and work life in inner Sydney.  He enjoys creating meaningful therapeutic relationships with people… More

Dr Wendy Unwin

General Practitioner

Dr Wendy Unwin will be retiring from General Practice as of 27th February 2021. Wendy graduated with first class honors from the University of Queensland and is a member of… More

Dr Caroline Harrison

General Practitioner

Caroline studied medicine in Britain at Leicester University. She worked for 5 years in a Melbourne Practice before moving to Sydney and joining Rozelle Total Health in 2013. She has… More

Dr Lucy Herron - On Leave

General Practitioner

Dr Lucy Herron will be returning from maternity leave as of 8th February 2021.     Lucy is a General Practitioner who grew up in Sydney, gaining her medical qualifications… More

Dr Nicoletta Fisicaro - On Leave

General Practitioner

Currently on maternity leave. After obtaining her medical qualifications from The University of Notre Dame in 2012, Dr Nikki spent her early career working at St George Hospital in Sydney with… More